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Not a blog in any traditional sense.

Think of it instead as the website equivalent of a wayside shrine, far from the beaten path, hidden deep in the woods, mossy and overgrown, but still bearing witness that, while life may be all too brief, love — even the smallest love — endures.

Traveler, if in your wanderings you should pass this way and pause to linger a moment, welcome. I hope that you’ll be moved to share a comment, and that you’ll leave here in some small way renewed and refreshed for the rest of your journey.

— Bill DeSmedt, July 2012

Posted July 20, 2012 by Bill DeSmedt

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  1. Hi Dad,

    She was so important to you and Mom, I’m really sorry to hear this news. I’m thinking of Hanna lying on the floor with her this past weekend, and how much my girls enjoyed being with Pepper. I’ve
    always had a deep respect for Mom’s and your relationship with Pepper, and I was very moved by your words here.

    When you first got her, there was some question as to whether you would name her “Pepper” or “Gypsy.” I remember saying, “The name ‘Gypsy’ implies some kind of mystery. There’s nothing mysterious about that dog.” It seems Pepper’s simplicity of spirit is exactly what your household needed during the time she was there. I will miss her too.


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